Summer School was Awesome

Last year, instead of wasting my summer holidays, I went to summer school. At first I didn’t want to go, but later on something told me that I should go. Perhaps it was God speaking to me when I made my final decision. After attending classes for two month, I realized that I had made a good decision.

Our day usually started with singing, then each one of us read a part of Bible Scripture. This was followed by a prayer in which students took turns reading each day. Next we listened to our teacher who read a part of the Bible and explained its meaning to us. 

New Things to Learn

Following that, we would learn about the Karen language. At the beginning of these classes, I thought I knew how to read and write my Karen language quite well. I later found out that I didn’t really know as much as I first thought. Later we learned new songs, took a short break and then ate supper. To complete the day, we repeated what we repeated what we did earlier in the afternoon (song, scripture, prayer and studying with the assistance of our teacher. At last we closed our school by the prayer then dismiss).

New Friends to Enjoy

At the beginning of our summer school I only knew a few of the students, but I soon got to know everyone before the end of summer. Our group had lots of fun, even with our teacher. We play lots of different games that we hadn’t played before. We had other friends who came to talk to us and share their life story with us, which was awesome. They also taught us new games and songs and joined with us in doing these new things.

Throughout the two months of Summer School, I learned so much more about Jesus’ life story.

I know that Jesus will always be there with me wherever I go or whatever I do. He will always be there with me so that I have nothing to worry about in my life. He’s the only God that we should pray and trust in, because he died for our sins. That’s not all that I learned, I also learned that one day we will all die. lf we are His people who always pray, trust in Him and do good things on earth, we will be with Him in heaven. When we die our body will become dust, but our living soul will be with God in heaven.

A Summer to Share With My Friends

Looking back to my summer school, it was actually a lot of fun. I thank God for this wonderful opportunity for me to be there and enjoy my summer holidays. I have learned so much, such as how to be the best person and student I can become. How to respect others, how to read and write my language better and much more. I also had a pretty amazing time with my friends, as we did lots of things together, played games and had fun!! I think I will tell other teens from our church to join us next year, because I know they will all enjoy it.

Kee Mae Paw