My Story – Yuting Xiao

April 8, 2012

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My name is Yuting Xiao. I am from China. I came to Canada in 2007 to study Environmental Engineering at the University of Regina. Last year in January, I had a bad car accident on the way back from Saskatoon. Because of the icy road, our car slipped into the ditch and rolled several times. It was too fast to react. When l realized it happened, I was left in the darkness. In the dark, I felt cold, scared and hopeless. I was trying to move my body, but I could not feel anything. I strained my eyes, but I could see nothing. I thought I was dying. I started to think about my parents. How could I die like this? It would be painful for them.

At that moment what I only think is I have to pray. I wanted to survive. I closed my eyes to pray by all of my strength. I have no clue why I prayed to God, since my family was not at all religious. But I did. Now when I recalled, perhaps I pray to him for I thought he is the only one who can save me. Then when I opened my eyes again, I saw the stars shining in the sky.

I realized I was alive, I had been saved. Then I was trying to cry for help, my friends and a lot of people stopped their vehicles. They found me and helped me. Some of them held my hands, blessed me and accompanied me until the ambulance came. I really appreciate those people and thank God for giving help that night. This is my first experience with God.

I was in hospital for three months. After that I was at Wascana Rehab for another six months. Actually I felt so depressed in that situation with so much pain and could not accept this tragedy.

But during that time, so many unknown nice people just stopped by and talked to me that make me feel touched. Even when my mom was there, they invited her to the Chinese church to meet more friends. I asked why some of the staff were so kind. They told me they were Christians, and how God helped them in their life. These people were very loving. I received the love they passed on me; I feel that is the spirit. I wanted to be one of them as well. Every time the staff asked me about my information of religion, I usually answered I have no religion.

But all these things that had happened made me start to think. I started searching the internet and found the website for First Baptist Church. I contacted the church online and Dr. McKim came to visit me. When he asked me why I had chosen this website when there are many churches, I told him “your website looks like it was written by people who think.”

I had never seen a Bible before, so Dr. McKim brought me one. We worked through the Creed and then we read John’s gospel. Now we are reading through Acts. I wanted to get involved with people in the church. I started learning the Bible and coming to the church. The people here gave me so much positive energy that makes me think positively.

Eventually I decided I wanted to become a Christian. Dr. McKim explained I needed to pray and accept Jesus as my Lord, which I did. Although I am a little shy, I love the church family here. I am enjoying my life more than ever for now I have God inside me.

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