Katepwa Lake Camp exists to provide an excellent camp experience where all have the opportunity to come to a saving faith in Christ, fostering long lasting, Christ-centered relationships that grow and serve. Founded in 1949, KLC continues to introduce campers to Jesus today. Check us out and “friend” us on Facebook. Invite a friend, sponsor […]

In October our church hosted a seminar called First Steps (see below). This was an effort sponsored by Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. This initiative was to honour the request of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. They ask that churches respond with openness and understanding to First Nations. We experienced Canadian history from a First Nations […]

Following are items of interest relating to our Lebanon Partnership project. Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) and First Baptist Church (FBC) Partnership Agreement. First Baptist Regina “Sent to Lebanon” Trip Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) video The Annual Middle East Conference sponsors followers of Jesus from across North Africa and the Middle East to attend in […]