Cheryl Bear Concert at First Baptist Church, Regina, October 20, 2017. First Steps Indigenous Weekend, 2017 One of the important issues facing Canada today has to do with Indigenous issues. These issues can often be polarizing and difficult, and sometimes increasingly so as we consider the role of the church in such issues. Christian churches […]

Relational Evangelism Conference The Gideons are hosting a relational evangelism conference, featuring a brand new training program and tool called the GRID. By attending a fall conference in your area, you will learn how to take the fear out of evangelism and sharing your faith by looking at relationships around you and those in your spheres […]

In October our church hosted a seminar called First Steps (see below). This was an effort sponsored by Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. This initiative was to honour the request of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. They ask that churches respond with openness and understanding to First Nations. We experienced Canadian history from a First Nations […]