Construction ahead!

Victoria Avenue Improvements

The City will be making improvements to Victoria Avenue, which will affect access to the church. They will be replacing sidewalks, curbs and the roadway surface, and completing tree planting and replacements in the center median between Broad and Albert Streets. The construction will start at one end and continue to the other, block-by-block, over the summer months.

The City has informed us that this construction will begin on Monday, May 27. Smith Street will be closed at Victoria Avenue, but will be set up such that there will be limited on street parking near 13th Avenue with a turn around area near the Victoria Avenue intersection. This will allow vehicles to enter and exit Smith Street from 13th Avenue as it will act as a 2-way until the intersection is open up at Victoria Avenue. Front access to the church may be closed or restricted at times, so please be aware that you should plan to use the alternate entrances during that time. The city does not want to do the alley work at the same time, so it will most likely be done later in the season, but currently it is still planned to be repaired this year.

If you have questions, please talk to Joel.


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