Background: Wear Red!

Be Wild! Wear Red to Church This Sunday!

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. What’s that?

Originally Pentecost was a Jewish harvest festival. But for Christians it came to have another meaning. After his execution and resurrection, Jesus spent time teaching his followers before he returned to heaven. Among other things, he told them to wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came. So they waited. And on the day of Pentecost, without warning, as the followers of Jesus were altogether in one place, amazing, wild, strange, exotic and unexpected things began to happen. Things like “tongues, as of fire” appearing and people speaking in languages they never knew before. Before it was over, more than three thousand people had decided to become followers of Jesus. (You can read the details of the story in Acts 2.1-12).

This Sunday churches around the world will be reading the story of that first Pentecost, as well as some of what Jesus had to say about the Holy Spirit. (You can read that in John 15.26-27, 16.4b-15.)

In both stories, the focus isn’t on me (or us) at all. The focus is on God. Not that this should be surprising. After all, Jesus taught, over and over again, that if we focus on ourselves, we will lose ourselves, we won’t find out what it means to be really, fully human. Only if we focus on the God whom we know best in Jesus, will be become all we were intended to be.

And oh yes, about wearing something red to church this Sunday. In thousands of churches around the world, you will notice lots and lots of the colour red. It’s a reminder of the wild events on that first Pentecost, particularly the flames. So, do something wild this Sunday! Search your closet. Wear a bright red shirt, dress, tie, scarf or shoes to church. Wear only red if your wardrobe makes that possible! Dye your hair red!? Round up a bunch of red headed friends, come to church and sit together! The more red, the better!


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