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Bulletin: July 1, 2018

NewsletterJune 2018

Scriptures: Psalm 82Genesis 3


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

Most people know what it is to feel shame. We may not agree what sort of things should cause a person shame. It could be how they treat others, how they treat nature, or how they treat their own lives. By contrast, a person who never feels shame or remorse about anything can be concerning.

People react differently to shame. We might avoid people who remind us of our shame. We might try and cover shame with activism, or making a difference, or alcohol, or work, or anger, or pleasure.

The garden of Eden is a story about the corruption of God’s good creation by humanity, the very people God had asked to rule over creation. In their failure and shame, Eve and Adam hide from God and from each other.

At every point in the story, God responds with grace. While concerned for all of creation, God also takes care of Eve and Adam. In a wonderfully gentle scene, God himself makes them clothing and dresses them. Seeing their shame, God covers it.

Are there things that you try and hide from God or from others?

God continues to care for all creation and for you. God sent Jesus into creation to cover people in a way that simple clothing cannot. Our grief, our pain, our guilt, our failures: Jesus dresses people who turn to him and begins the work of healing and renewal.

And may God have mercy on those who like Lamech who feel no shame.

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