The Warm Comforter Comes

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Learning for Life9:30 am 
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Bulletin: April 29, 2018

Newsletter: April 2018

ScripturesJames 1:17-21John 16:5-15


Rev. John Nelson

Do you know who your Guiding Light is on your life journey? Are you experiencing the warmth of a fire burning within you that is so overwhelming you cannot restrain yourself from sharing it?

Well, in John 16: 5-15, Jesus knows these are His last moments on earth with His disciples and He wants to prepare them for what is to come after His death and resurrection. He tries to reassure them that they will not be alone, for the Spirit will come and reveal the truth to them. Jesus is preparing them for a “warmth of a fire burning within them- the Holy Spirit”. However, Jesus’ disciples lacked the spiritual understanding to comprehend what Jesus was trying to tell them. The would come to understand when the Truth was revealed to them. Who was it that reveal the Truth?

Questions to be answered by this passage of scripture:

  • Why didn’t the disciples wonder about the meaning of Jesus’ death?
  • Were they not concerned about where He was going?
  • What does Jesus reveal to His disciples in spite of His impending sorrow?
  • How important was it for Jesus to come to earth and do what He did?
  • Did it really matter that Jesus had to die and rise again?
  • How was Christ’s presence limited on earth?
  • Who would make it possible for Christ to be present to the whole world?

Come and hear about who is responsible for God’s love being poured out into our hearts. The WHO will change your way of living and will require of you to live a life well-lived. And if you live such a life, you will be revitalized, empowered, cleansed, and forgiven. Living such a life will have you reflecting the heart, mind and soul of Christ.

Image: Holy Spirit Dome Window, First Baptist Church Regina

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First Baptist Church Regina will welcome the Luther College High School Girls’ choir & director Deborah Nelson to the worship service on Sun. Apr. 29 10:45 a.m.. This choir will sing both before and during the service. for more information contact Pastor John 306-535-0001

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