Offering Prayer with Joy

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Learning for Life: 9:30 am
Worship Service: 11:00 am

Bulletin: September 17, 2017

Newsletter: September 2017

Scriptures: Isaiah 55:1-3,6-12Philippians 1:1-11


Rev. John Nelson

The book of Philippians is often referred to as a letter of joy. “This is a personal letter to the Philippians and was not intended for general distribution to all the churches. In Philippians chapter one we read about the Joy in Suffering. This is ironic, in that Paul was writing from prison.” Could you write about joy if you were in imprisoned? Yet Joy is the dominant theme in this letter.

In the first few verses of Philippians chapter 1, Paul expresses his thanks to the believers who had helped him when he was in need. Paul is attempting to explain how he could be filled with joy, despite being imprisoned and his pending trial. Paul goes on to talk about humility and unity and also warns them about potential challenges ahead.

In verse 4 we discover the first of many times that Paul mentions joy in his letter. Why did Paul always remember the Philippians with both joy and thanksgiving when he prayed? Could it have been because of service that the Philippians reflected when used of God, no matter the task or challenge? “When others think of about you, what comes to their minds? Are you remembered with joy by them? Do your acts of kindness lift up others?”

The Philippians were often referred to as partners in the gospel because of their many contributions in spreading God’s message. We sometimes forget that “as we help our ministers, missionaries, and evangelists through prayer, hospitality, financial donations, we become partners with them.”

How would you describe your spiritual journey right now? Are there times when you feel as though you are not moving forward? Can you believe that God loves you, is shaping you, and will not give up on you? Take to heart this quotation, “When God starts a project, he completes it!” Therefore how should each of us live each day of our lives? “We should live each day as though God could return any moment. “The first eleven verses of Philippians will help each of us discover real joy, no matter the challenges we face on our life journey.

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