Knowing God

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Bulletin: June 11, 2017
Sixth Sunday of Easter – Trinity Sunday

Newsletter: June 2017

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-3; Psalm 8; Matthew 3:16-17, 28:16-20; Ephesians 5:8-19


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

fbcsermon_TrinitySunday_NJInstruction manuals are becoming a thing of the past when it comes to new gadgets. I know I have rarely read through a whole manual. I’ve been content to learn on the go.

Relationships are similar. The people we love do not come with instructions. We learn about them by spending time with them. Sometimes we have to learn from our mistakes.

This Sunday is “Trinity Sunday”. The God we know best through Jesus Christ is one God and three “persons”, each “person” fully God and yet distinct. This description of God was never spelled out in scripture in textbook format. There was no instruction manual. Instead, God’s nature was revealed (by God) through story and relationship.

How would you describe God?

We have the benefit of centuries of Christians praying to and living with God. They have handed down to us discoveries and insights that are profound and moving and inform our relationship with God. At the same time, God is still a being that we know through story and relationship.

An attempt to explain the Trinity

Here is an instructive and funny video on the difficult of describing the Trinity which you may remember from a few years ago: St Patrick’s Bad Analogies.

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