God’s Creation Symphony

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Worship Service: 11:00 am

Bulletin: June 27, 2018

Newsletter: June 2018

Scripture: Genesis 2:4-25James 1:12-18


  • For the Music of Creation
  • Creation Sings the Father’s Song (lyrics & melody, video, 2, background)
  • All Things Bright & Beautiful (lyrics & background, video, history, 2meditation)
  • Create in Me (Here is a recording of “Create in Me”, sung by two members of the music group called IN HIS IMAGE [graduates of the 1980-1981 Baptist Leadership Training School class]. The soloists are Diane Speirs and Miriam Selleick. This music ministry group toured both Western and Eastern Canada in the summers of 1981 and 1982.)
    Create in Me

Rev. John Nelson

In Genesis 2:4-2 the story of Creation is rich in creativity and connection. Genesis 2 finds God at rest, blessing this day of rest, after creating the heavens and the earth. However, now there is a definite shift in the story starting at verse 5. The story moves from God’s perspective to a story revealing God’s intimate perspective. The Creation story continues, but we find ourselves in the Garden. The story begins to focus upon the wonder that, WE WERE CREATED! God is moving now from the creation of things, to the creation of life. God shifts His focus from the Universe, from the heavens and the earth, to the story of humanity, and all this in takes place in the Garden.

In Genesis 2 we read of a more personal God (Yahweh), who protects, provides and truly desires a relationship with His creation. God also realizes that His creation requires more than simply a connection to the Creator. God knows that it is not good for man to be alone. How did God attempt to fill man’s loneliness and establish this relationship with His creation? How did God’s creation respond to Him? What was the primary goal for God’s creation in their response? Did the creation of the animal kingdom fill man’s need? What was it that God still realized that was lacking for man in His creation?.

The Creation story is drawing to a close in Genesis 21-22, yet God saves the best for last. God creates man’s helper which man calls, “woman because she was taken out of man.” Yet in this act of creation, there was not dominion In this exercise of naming God’s helper for man, as there had been in the naming of the animals. Adam’s naming of his “helper” is an expression of sheer joy at what God had accomplished. One could almost say as well, that the ordinance of marriage was instituted.

Creation may have ended with the creation of Adam and Eve, but were they really the main focal point of the story? What was the primary focus? Come and hear more about “God’s Creation Symphony” and be harmonized by the notable wonder that WE WERE CREATED TO CONNECT.

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