Friends in Hard Times

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Bulletin: September 24, 2017

Newsletter: September 2017

Scripture: Ezekiel 36:22-28,37,38; Psalm 145:1-8; Phil 1:12-14,18b-30; Matthew 24:9-14


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

fbcsermon_FriendsHardTimesPeople who have survived a dangerous situation together, or have worked hard on a project together, can come away from that experience with a very close relationship. Organizations even try to create experiences like that for their volunteers and staff to unite them.

Christians are never on their own when things get difficult.

That’s good because sometimes following Jesus doesn’t make life easier. Where a life has lacked love and virtue and things are a mess, Jesus can make a dramatic and obvious change for the better. For the most part, a person can acknowledge Jesus as their Lord without any objections in Canada. But it can also cost people family ties, friendships, respect, and job opportunities. And in many countries today following Jesus can cost you your life.

The Church in Philippi was having a hard time because they called Jesus Lord and because of their involvement in the church. Paul encouraged them to see any hardship as a chance to grow closer to Jesus and to each other.

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