The Peace of Christ

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Learning for Life: 9:30 am
Worship Service: 11:00 am

Bulletin: December 10, 2017
Newsletter: December 2017

ScripturePsalms 50:1-6Romans 15:4-13Luke 21:25-33


Rev. Joel  Russell-MacLean

It is hard to escape hearing bad news. Just in case things are going well in your life, bad news gets delivered to your door, or piped into your home through radio, TV, or the internet – bad news by any means possible!

What can you count on in all the confusion and debate?

You can count on Jesus, the Prince of Peace. You can count on the words of Jesus.

Jesus is where lasting peace begins. But it doesn’t stop there. God welcomes us and asks us to share this welcome and this peace with others.


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