The Cost of Making Things Right

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Learning for Life: 9:30 am
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Bulletin: October 15, 2017

Newsletter: October 2017

ScripturesDeuteronomy 30:15-20Psalm 119:1-8Matthew 5:21-26


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

Memory plays a key role in the courtroom dramas. What do the witnesses remember? What about the victim and the perpetrator? And whose memory is accurate?

fbcsermon_rememberingRemembering is necessary as people try and find a way toward justice and reconciliation.

Jesus used a courtroom scene to talk about anger, guilt, and broken relationships in his famous “Sermon on the Mount”.

In Jesus’ teaching, the remembering is focused in a surprising direction.

In Jesus’ story, remembering needed to take place for the sake of the perpetrator, not for the victim’s.

When Jesus is involved where reconciliation is needed, remembering leads to grace, not to judgement.

There may be a cost to the reconciliation, but friendship and freedom lie on the other side.

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