A Shepherd’s Voice

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Worship Service: 10:00 am

Bulletin: August 6, 2017

Newsletter: Summer 2017

ScripturesEzekiel 34:11-16Psalm 23:1-6John 10:11-15


Rev. John Nelson

Our guest motivational speaker this week is Yoseph ben Beyamin, a shepherd from the land of Palestine! What would your response be to such an announcement?

Would you invite a mere shepherd to be your motivational speaker for your congregation or business colleagues?

After all, as the character in the monologue suggests, “shepherding is not looked upon with favor”. This is an occupation that comes with few, if any real benefits and is really a vocation to be avoided. As for the pay, let’s just say that you should not rely upon Freedom 55, 65 or 75.  Would you be eager to hear what this shepherd as to say?

fbcsermon_shepherds-voice3Yoseph ben Beyamin, is an imaginary character in Michael Deutsch’s monologue,  who teaches us in a very humble way about his life as a shepherd. In his words he says, “I will tell you everything that I know about being a shepherd”.  Through the creative description of a sheep, and being a shepherd, “A Shepherd’s Voice” brings alive Psalm 23. Did you know that God refers to His people, yes you and I, as sheep many times over. How does that make you feel? Would you feel complimented to be called a sheep, especially after how Yoseph describes sheep? What would you prefer to be compared to? Yoseph answers these questions for us. Might God be trying to tell us something when he refers to us as “His sheep”?
“A Shepherd’s Voice” provides us with an amazing insight into Psalm 23 and the Good Shepherd. Yoseph’s life offers answers to how to seek life nourishment, who you can rely upon that knows you like the back of your own hand, where to look for someone who will be at your side morning till night offering food, water, protection, rest, and will discipline you when you stray? Through a shepherd’s eyes we also gain a rich understanding as to what is required of each of Yoseph’s sheep? Yoseph says, “my sheep will be fine and have everything that they need as long as they  f—-w  M-“. Do you know what those two important words might be? If you do, then Psalm 23 will come alive and provide you with a KEY to living a life well lived!
Come and learn about a day in the undignified and unglamorous life of a shepherd. You will be amazed with what you might learn.  Through the life and vocation of Yoseph, you will hear about The Shepehrd who will meet your every need by providing the necessities of life, by guiding you each day and by protecting you when you follow Him. Yes, and being referred to as one of “His sheep” will be perceived as a compliment! Come!


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