A Loud Silence

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Bulletin: March 18, 2018

Newsletter: March 2018

Scriptures: Hebrews 9:11-15; Psalm 93; John 8:43-59;


Rev. John Nelson

Let’s agree to disagree!

The Gospel of John was written by John (the disciple whom Jesus loved), the devoted follower of Christ. He provides us with a personal and powerful look at Jesus Christ. Who was this Gospel written for? In John 8: 43-59, how does John reveal and emphasize the true identity of Jesus? The formula used by John to emphasize the identity of Jesus seems to be, “I AM.”

The key people in John 8:43-59 are Jesus, the disciples, and the Pharisees. The conversation between Jesus and the Jewish leaders was very intense. Why was the conversation so confrontational? Why were the Jewish leaders trying to provoke Jesus? Who do you think you are? Did the Jewish people understand what Jesus was declaring? Who was Jesus equating Himself to? Why did the statement, “Before Abraham was, I AM”, provoke such intense anger on the part of the Jewish leaders?

Jesus reveals His personality to the disciples in this passage of scripture. Even though the Jewish leaders’ understood what Jesus was saying, what were they going to do with stones? In every chapter of the Gospel of John, John reveals what major identity characteristic about Jesus? Through this confrontational conversation between Jesus and the Jewish leaders, Jesus reveals life lessons to His disciples. what were those life lessons?

Come on Sunday morning and hear answers to many of the questions resulting from John 8:43-59.

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